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Bootcamp 2022


The Bootcamp is a young graduate program designed by Euranova that gives you the opportunity to start your career with 3 months of intensive training in our core expertise, i.e. data science and engineering, architecture, and development

Each month, you will work with young as well as experienced data experts to deliver projects featuring machine learning, data engineering, optimisation, data-driven architecture, and other AI trends. You will test yourself in different roles, learn how to interact with clients, and give your best to make your team reach its goals. The projects are carefully chosen for you to get your hands dirty: the proofs of concept you will work on will have a concrete and direct impact on our clients.

You will be coached by the Euranova crew, including the R&D team and the founders, to help you enhance your tech skills and your soft skills. From day one, you will be part of the Euranova family, and you will work in the friendly, intellectually stimulating, and highly-committed team at the headquarters.

At the end of the 3-month coaching period, you will have a better idea of what role you want to play as a data expert, and you will be ready to jump on a project.

Possible roles to take on: researcher, data scientist, data engineer, project leader, frontend/backend developer, project facilitator/coordinator,…

Former bootcamp projects: anomaly detection in the manufacturing industry, data visualization in the transport industry, ranking methods in the pharmaceutical industry, user habit detection in the automotive sector, natural language processing for mail tagging, a recommendation engine for a media company and warehouse optimisation for a well-known retailer, …

Your Profile

The bootcamp is for people who love solving problems and making a difference with data magic. At Euranova, we believe you can learn anything with the right attitude. If you are curious and want to learn more, if you are a bright thinker and want to shake up your ideas, if you are a team player and want to do elegant work, start by challenging your limits and join us.

If you are passionate about artificial intelligence and have a strong basic knowledge in IT & applied mathematics, take the opportunity to become an expert in a short time with Euranova and apply.

How to Apply?

To apply for the bootcamp, send an email to Your email should contain your latest CV and your motivation for joining us.
Your cover letter should mention:

  • why you want to attend the bootcamp,
  • one of your projects that you are proud of and that is linked to data or AI

Once we receive your application, we will plan a short phone call. All going well, we will then plan a face-to-face meeting at our premises.

Important Dates

Deadline for application: 15th of July 2022
Final decision: 15th of August 2022
Start date: 12th of September 2022